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How JM Brightened Up Bournemouth!

The Fusion Building was built as a new flagship academic building for Bournemouth University; built with learning in mind. Comprising of 27 seminar rooms, 3 lecture theatres, research space, a 24 station PC laboratory, roof-top terraces and numerous catering facilities all topped with a glass dome roof. With 75% of the buildings space used for teaching and learning, the Fusion Building is a central hub at the heart of the University and provides state of the art academic space that is transforming the student experience.

JM Supplies have worked with Adam and the Team at Bournemouth for the last 3 – 4 years as part of the universities standardisation across all audio visual systems project. The JM Alpha Presenter lecterns are the ‘BU Standard’and featured as such in the new Fusion Building project.

We think the BU Alpha’s are fantastic looking lecterns. To get the right look and finish for the new building and to adhere to the strict brand guidelines of the university JM Supplies worked closely with the Architect and the universities’ Marketing Team. The result we think is stunning…

A vinyl graphic wrapped lectern that has a white desktop, accommodating all of the kit required and configured to the left hand side or right hand depending on where the lectern is situated in the room. JM Supplies also produced 3 Graduate Desks to match that are situated in the lecture theatres.

This Bournemouth University branded graphic wrap is a great example of how we can individualise lecterns in a stunning way.

Alpha for Bournemouth University in the new Fusion Building


Feedback on the products has been fantastic, in particular from the Universities Marketing Department who appreciate that because of the vinyl branding, the Bournemouth University brand has the ability to go global on social media in just a tweet!

Let us know what you think of the stunning lectern design…And if you need any more information about how we can make your branding stand out across campus or business.

Call 0333 014 3663 and speak to a member of the team!

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