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Jason and Andrew discussing a design

Jason is our designer who has an exceptional eye for detail and aesthetics.

Producing attractively stunning AV furniture begins at the design stage. Using the latest in 3D design software, we design to the customer’s requirements whilst applying ourselves to the aesthetics.

3D renders are generated, together with elevation drawings to give the customer as much information about the product before production begins.




Jason working on a design
Jason working on a design

Once a design has been signed off, we begin the work of making it ready for manufacture by adding joint geometries to ensure that it can be cut and built effectively.

Many of our lecterns are manufactured using CNC machines and brought to our premises for assembly and integration of other materials and equipment such as height adjustable actuators, branding, lights, acrylic and steel components. It is the role of the designer to make sure all these elements fit together perfectly.

Lead-time is never more than 4 weeks from confirmation of the design.

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