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Aberystwyth University Chooses JM Supplies for Lecterns

Aberystwyth University is investing over £100m in enhancing and extending the teaching and residential facilities. This level of investment is unprecedented in the history of the University and this will ensure that Wales’s oldest university will survive the challenges of the twenty-first century and technology is at the heart.
As part of the refurbishment, the teaching rooms and lecture theatres at the university are to benefit
from new furniture, decoration, new and enhanced technology. This includes some with dual projection, hearing induction loops, WiFi, new ceilings where required, improved controllable lighting, blackout curtains, new carpet, and writing surfaces.
The furniture brief for this particular refurbishment was:
“The AV furniture needed to make a statement and provide a focal point for students in the University’s larger lecture theatres and promote Aberystwyth. We don’t want just another piece of furniture.”– Nigel Thomas, Learning Spaces Design and Development Manager
Nigel Thomas recently chose to install JM lecterns during the refurbishment of a number of larger lecture theatres at the university. Previously the university had favoured a competitor of JM Supplies for all other lecterns at the university but on this occasion the JM Lectern provided thebest fit in terms of design and functionality for the rooms in question. Nigel wanted something that was fit for purpose and aesthetically pleasing.

The product that Nigel and the team at Aberystwyth chose was the DDA-PP2200, an electric height adjustable lectern from the JM Prestige Presenter Range. This fully customisable lectern was branded with the
Aberystwyth University corporate colours and logo to exactly fit the brief. The lecterns were purchased via GV Multi-Media as part of the overall AV installation project.

The height adjustable range was developed to provide solutions for lecture theatres and teaching rooms where there was a requirement for varying heights of the desktop. This aids lecturers during their presentations and enables them to be able to communicate the message more effectively.
“The teaching faculty at Aberystwyth University have lecturers that range in height from 6ft 5” to 4ft 10” and the height adjustability feature means that the lectern never becomes a barrier to communicating with the students and provides a comfortable working height for the presenter.” – Nigel Thomas, Learning Spaces Design and Development Manager
When looking at designing a learning space the communication between the teacher and the
learner is the element that needs facilitation. A lectern can be a barrier or enabler to communication. JM Supplies look to design and manufacture lecterns that are specific to the space in which they will be used and the potential for the lecterns usage.
For Aberystwyth the JM DDA-PP2200 provided everything that was required to fit the brief. The units were delivered on time and as per specification.
Nigel Thomas, Learning Spaces Design and Development Manager for Aberystwyth University stated;
“It’s all about making sure the furniture fits the purpose for what it is being designed. Think about the shape of the room, the colour of the room, all of the potential users and the audience. The lectern should never be a box just stuck in the corner of the room. I am very happy with the JM DDA-PP2200, it does the job and looks good”

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