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4 week lead times – max

Despite being extremely busy at JM Supplies, our lead-times are never more than 4 weeks from receipt of PO and confirmation of drawings, and often shorter. We know this is important to our customers as furniture carries the longest lead-time in an installation. A 4-week lead time means you can place orders in August and still have delivery in time for a Summer install!

We do carry many units in stock including Roving Racks, some rack units and lecterns. These can be customised to a certain degree. However, many of our lecterns are made to order.

The process

Our operations team manage your order from PO to dispatch to ensure all is in order. Upon receipt of a Purchase Order, we will send you an order confirmation normally the same day asking for any additional information needed for us to generate drawings and renders.

Once this info is received, drawings are usually sent from our design team within 24 hours for you to confirm. Bespoke designs may take a little longer. 

Sometimes, modifications are required until final confirmation is received.

Once the units are made, they go through quality checks to ensure you get what you are expecting, at the quality you expect from JM. Within the 4 week lead time, there is a buffer to enable us to sort out any quality issues that may be discovered. As an ISO 9001 registered company, we have strict procedures in place.

Sometimes, our customers require delivery sooner than 4 weeks. This can be possible in certain situations, and we will confirm this at point of order. Often, we work to specific delivery dates as requested. We ensure you get what you want, when you want.

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