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Improving the student experience through AV furniture

The University of Nottingham, described by The Sunday Times University Guide 2011 as ‘the embodiment of the modern international University’, with award winning campuses in the UK, China and Malaysia the University has received considerable praise for enhancing the student experience and listening to the students’ voice. One of the key aims for the University from 2011 – 2015 is;
“To optimise the configuration of teaching and learning spaces and the technologies used in them.”
Here we explore how JM Supplies helped Dave Halford, and his team at the University achieve this.
The University had five new build projects in 2011 and as teaching and learning spaces are central to the success of the student experience the look and feel of the audio visual furniture was of the utmost importance. This project needed to provide an improved technical environment that remained aesthetically pleasing.
Members of the Teaching & Learning Spaces Strategy Board were invited to view a selection of lecterns from different manufacturers. Their remit included providing a high quality learning environment for all staff and students, including the provision of teaching space, availability of new technologies and access to a comprehensive range of learning materials.
A number of audio visual lectern manufacturers were invited to present at the University for the Space Management Committee. The University’s existing lecterns were very traditional and the new lecterns needed to have a look that was modern and contemporary, reflecting the University’s approach.
“We chose the JM Lectern because we felt it reflected the style and feel of the new buildings that were to be built”  Dave Halford, Teaching Room Support Group Leader.
Any JM product can be tailored to fit the exact requirements of the end user and it was this feature that really appealed to Dave and his team. To begin this process JM Supplies provided the University with a PP1200-15U for use within a teaching space so that Dave and his team could generate feedback from lecturers and end users to create a custom design. Although the look and feel of the PP1200 was exactly what the University wanted there were a number of revisions to be made to get the precise fit for the purpose of the University.

“The key feature of the JM Lecterns is that they are made of wood and complement the teaching  desks perfectly.” Dave Halford, Teaching Room Support Group Leader.
Dave Halford met with the JM Supplies Design Team at the Harrogate Head Office to run through the University’s design requirements.
Following customer feedback gained during the 2011 Autumn semester changes were made to the original design. The changes included; an increase in rack space from 15U to 18U, access to the equipment via the side pods of the unit which enabled extra space for cables, a larger desktop to facilitate a control housing, keyboard and visualiser with a curved edge to remove the desktop overhang above the door so the PC can be easily seen.
The initial order was for twenty-three lecterns and upon receipt it was identified that there was a problem in relation to opening the front door of the lectern. JM Supplies quickly rectified the problem allowing the University to install the lecterns whilst awaiting the new front door panel. The open communication between Sue Eldridge at JM Supplies and Dave Halford at the University meant that the modification was dealt with promptly and since initial manufacture a number of minor tweaks have been made including adding the University’s logo as a branding option. This has resulted in a bespoke product that is easy and practical for customers to use and is accessible for the support staff.
“Because it is a lectern that has been developed to our exact specification I just state on the order‘ JM Lectern – University of Nottingham design’, simple.” Dave Halford.
The PP1200-18U University of Nottingham Presenter is now the standard lectern used across all campuses in seminar and large seminar rooms. JM Supplies are proud to be creating bespoke designs that provide the perfect solution in which to house audio visual  equipment. If you have the need for quality audio visual furniture that can be tweaked, designed and developed to fit the exact requirements of your end user then get in touch with us here at JM Supplies, we are waiting to speak to you.

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