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Even the smallest room deserves the best lectern!

The University of Bath was named as The Sunday Times University of the year 2011/2012. This award highlights the Universities commitment to achieving excellence across research, teaching, employability and most of all the student experience.
It was the desire for excellence across teaching and the student experience that was the catalyst that led to the
development of the ‘Bath Uni Presenter’, an audio visual lectern tailored to fit the exact requirements of Pete Clark, Audio Visual Manager and his colleagues at the University of Bath.

Looking after over 100 teaching rooms, larger rooms and tiered lecture theatres Pete and his team were keen to standardise the use of audio visual equipment. This task proved to be difficult due to the difference in size and scale of some of the Universities smallest teaching rooms to the largest lecture theatre.
“We now have a standard lectern that we can use on all of our smaller teaching rooms with fully integrated connectivity and control system.”
The smaller teaching rooms had no lectern at all; the PC, Control System, DVD and amplifier were sat on a shelf on a wall with all the cables exposed. Not only an extreme hazard, but unsightly and not fit for purpose. The academic staff at the University required an integrated system but there was no room for a conventional lectern and something had to be done about the students sitting on the shelves and breaking them!
The University of Bath had traditionally used a competitor of JM Supplies to supply all of the lecterns for the many lecture theatres and large teaching rooms across the University.

Pete Clark, was extremely happy with the product currently used, however the competitor of JM Supplies did not have a lectern option to fit the requirements of the University for the Smaller Teaching Rooms the University were looking to refurbish.
“Considering the flexibility, the design element and the customisation the product is extremely competitive.”
Initially JM Supplies and the AV Integrator on the project installed the ‘mobile presenter’ the smallest presenter JM had in the range at the time. This product did fit some of the customer and end users requirements but due to the restricted space a full width door was awkward to open. The feedback from academics was
that they needed to use visualisers but there was no room on the top of the lectern along with the keyboard and mouse.
“I took these issues back to JM and they solved all of my problems, together we developed an oversized
rounded edge top that gave that bit of extra space. The door problem I mentioned was solved with double
centre opening doors. The Bath Uni Presenter was born!”
JM Supplies took the issues presented by Pete and his team and developed a lectern that would not only successfully house all of the audio visual equipment required for teaching but also fit within the
smallest teaching rooms. A lectern that was designed to the exact specification the University of Bath required.
“It ticks all our boxes here at the University.”
The next round of installations went well and the design became a standard for the University. To make the process even simpler for Pete Clark, the AV Integrator and JM Supplies the standard design created was named specifically for the University of Bath, so the specification could be added directly to the tender document, without the need for more consultation.
Since the initial design and development stage, the University of Bath have installed over 80 of the ‘Bath Uni Presenter’. Not only have the University been extremely pleased with the product and put it into refurbished rooms, they have also retro fitted the wider tops onto older lecterns and departments are now requesting that they have a JM lectern installed.
“We at the University of Bath have installed 80+ of these products, all of the smaller teaching rooms now house the ‘Bath Uni Presenter’, where we require single cabinets it’s a JM lectern!”
Here at JM supplies we are proud to provide a product that meets the exact specification of not only our client but also the requirements of the end users, in this case the academics and students. This is what we are in business for, to solve your lectern problems. If there is something you require but can’t see it anywhere, a slight tweak or a design from the ground up please get in touch, we’re waiting to speak to you to solve your lectern problems.

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