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Day 2 – JM are Price Busting AV Furniture at ISE 2018

Phew, we have made it through day 2 at this awe-inspiring exhibition at the RAI.

Today has been all about ‘Price-Busting’ for JM supplies, from appearing in the ISE daily in the morning with a little piece about our Huddle Delta, we have had the opportunity to sit at the Huddle Delta all day and show it off!

We know that this new product that fills a gap in the market, being 50% more cost-effective than the Huddle desk, this sustainable, functional and yet stylish product provides all of the functionality needed for audio visual integration yet at a more economical price.

When kitting out a collaborative learning space the costs can soon mount up and outweigh the benefits of the space. This leaves the project team looking for ways to reduce costs and often the furniture is where they look to make the savings.

It is at this point that we must stress to use non-AV furniture in an AV installation can cause significant problems with power, cable management, and durability further down the line.  As a specialist audio visual furniture manufacturer, we needed to respond to this gap in the market. The JM Supplies response to this is the Huddle Delta.

The Huddle Delta Collaborative Desk is a combination of style and functionality that has been developed specifically for av integration. This was the general consensus on the stand today and this is where the Huddle Delta will make its mark.

Come along and take a seat at the Huddle Delta you’ll see that although it is 50% less in price, it is not 50% less in design. Stand 13 – B120 ISE Show 2018.

You can see our Managing Director, Andrew showcasing the Huddle Delta with Rave Publications here.


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